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A recent study published in the magazine section of one of the most famous of these portals in Italy, explains that today the 54% of approaches between men and women is online, on specific sites or on social media.

Attention: we are not talking about people that know each other personally and then turn to chat to overcome mutual shyness.

At a bar on the outskirts of Prishtina, Adem, an attractive young Albanian man, stands on a balcony with a drink in one hand, cigarette in the other. Inside, a mass of people, including one drag queen in a platinum-blond wig, are pounding the dance floor. The party is being hosted by a local NGO that works on behalf of Kosovo’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, and the last effort to stage LGBT parties in Prishtina ended disastrously.

It is a warm July night, and the bar is buzzing with the energy of a party. Adem, who is slight with brown hair and wearing a crisp, white, button-down shirt, smiles nervously and admits he almost did not come to the bar tonight. Just over a year ago, an employee of Pure Pure, a club near the city’s stadium, began advertising the establishment as “gay-friendly” on Gay, a popular international meeting and dating site.

On the basis of the data entered the machine will then select for us some profiles with affinities to ours that we will screen according to our needs.

The thrill of the approach, the emotion of feeling hovering – what basically makes the initial phase of a possible relationship memorable – is then reduced to mere automatism realized through cold algorithms.

“My family found out both that I’m gay and that I initiated the party. After that, I was beaten at home,” the employee says. “How would you feel if you were alone in a park and you were surrounded by 500 foxes?

That’s how I felt.” Such is life for members of the LGBT community in Kosovo.

The alternative is to remain a simple observer, not able to take any initiative.But things took a bad turn when local media learned of the club’s effort to attract new clientele.The online outlet Lajme Shqip sent a photographer to Pure Pure to cover the story, upsetting organizers and attracting dangerous attention.Ficken in film Stuttgart Wald im pimpern shqip sex moerfelden-walldorf.Sex film privat Liebe zweiten blick film Island the german film school. Geile Rothaarige gibt Tipps fuer Telefon Live Cam Sex. Free Sexvideos sortiert in unzähligen Sextube Kategorien.

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