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The seller told me it was put on the neck of his guitar, but I wanted to know if I could put this pickup on the bridge as well.I have been reading something about this and it seems that they are interchangeable.      The following is a description of features common to the entire era of LSLPs.I also intend to eventually add a comprehensive "case candy" section to exhibit the documentation common to all instruments of this era. All case variants are common to all models (Standard, Deluxe, Custom).ALso, on some online site I read the one they are selling says "for neck, bridge and middle positions".But I would like to be sure beacuase I dont have a "bridge" 57 pickup to compare with. The only number on a stick paper on the back of the pickup is 0626, besides a date an the usual "PATENT APPLIED FOR". But, don't worry, registering is quick, easy and painless. I Googled around a bit, and found this info from The Gear Page...

As it was decided that someof these guitars would be equipped with Japanese-made pickups and some with USA-made pickups, they decided to include the post-script "by Gibson" for themodels that had pickups of American origin.

Included is the clean original hardshell case with replaced handle.

OHSC A very cool and Rare Trini Lopez in Rare Sparkling Burgundy Finish.

All specs are consistent with a 1972-1974 production date.

There were only 74 Blonde Byrdlands shipped in this three year time period.

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