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You must verify the user's email address before the subscription begins.

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By clicking on changelog bugs entry you will be taken to the Launchpad bug report (if it exists).

If no changelog bug is displayed, clicking on the version of the package in the '-proposed' column will take you to the changelog entry for that version of the package in launchpad (the bug number may be displayed in the changelog but not in the report if the bug number doesn't respect a standard format) Some bugs resolved by -proposed packages require specific hardware and these can be identified by the hw-specific tag in Launchpad or by the (hw) next to the bug number at the Pending Ubuntu SRUs page.

This can be done by sending an email with an activation code and instructions on how to confirm the email address.

Additionally, in order to minimize the chance of being classified as spam, you should not acquire email address databases from third parties or collect address from other websites.

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