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This fact is further cemented by a post he made on the forum just 2 weeks prior to his rampage in regards to average penis length.

Information ascertained from the above post makes it very clear that his inferior penis helped motivate him to end his life and the lives of those who would most certainly laugh at the sight of it.

aka The Supreme Gentleman™ (online aliases Elliot R1, The Purifier, The Wow Genius, Valtharion, Ramsaybolton, Varodan123, and a handful of Youtube socks) is known worldwide as not only the best World of Warcraft player this planet has ever seen and an award-winning author, but also a chronically aspergic love-shy misogynist, who on May 23rd, 2014, fulfilled his lifelong dream of reenacting Grand Theft Auto, by gunning down numerous prostitutes from the sanctity of his BMW because he was angry that he was 22 years old and still a virgin.

Like other national treasures such as Cho, the Columbine Killers, the Unabomber, Timothy Mc Veigh, and Osama Bin Laden, Elliot left the world with a 100 page auto-biography, video blogs, warning signs, and a month long session of The Blame Game to satisfy the media's savage appetite for misery.

Delighted by the fact that her date Tom doesn't watch the reality show, Wright says: "I'm just a normal girl in front of a boy," referencing Julia Roberts' all-too-famous line from Notting Hill.We'll also encounter some drama – as expected with celebs – as a chap paired with transgender boxing promoter Kellie Maloney has a change of heart and refuses to let footage of their date shown.Vincent is the one person who’s not afraid of Phil and will go up against him.” Since joining the show in February 2015, Blackwood’s screen family the Hubbards have consistently butted heads with the Mitchell clan – Vincent even going so far as to punch Phil to the floor within two months of arriving in Walford.I mean, if we can get that deep.“Could she be Brazilian?“I know you guys can deliver so I’m putting it out there.

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