Egyptian men dating black women

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But what hurt was that I’m looking at this man, who is basically my reflection in male form, tell me that the hair that grows from my head isn’t attractive to men like him, and let him tell it, Then I thought about all the black women still doing cartwheels, wearing weaves, burning their scalps with relaxers, ironing their hair in order to feel attractive to men like my friend, and I felt so sad for them. What an incredible rejection…to know a man you desire wouldn’t be checking for you because you wear your hair how it grows naturally from your hair, because It’s truly heartbreaking.I have never felt as much rejection in my entire life than I have had from the men who look just like me. If a man insists that the hair that looks JUST LIKE HIS isn’t mutilated and straightened into submission, PHUCK THEM!!!

These are certainly a lot of numbers to consider and as I mentioned above, each model presents a different proportion.

And that’s why eventually, you will stay losing, because your best and most beautiful black women will go where they are TRULY loved and accepted. Don’t try to guilt them into thinking differently, because they won’t. Go to the men who accept your NATURAL SELF, period. I thank God in heaven my friend married a white girl before I really got “conscious” of my own unique beauty, otherwise I would have been on that hamster wheel too.

Sisters, it’s time we let men who think like this, who will NEVER accept us because they’ve been to brainwashed into thinking that their OWN WOMEN are inferior GO.

Shaza Mamdouh / شذا is an Egyptian singer and actress. Heba El-Sisy / هبة السيسي (born 1983 in El Mansoura, Egypt) is Miss Egypt 2004. Doaa Hakam Al-Malla is an Egyptian model, Miss Egypt Earth 2010.

May (Mai) Kassab / مي كساب‎ (born December 8, 1981) is an Egyptian singer.

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