Face match dating site

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Of the 6,000 New York-area current members, 55 percent are male.Bloom says FYFM goes beyond the conscious eye, matching potential mates along a 63-point facial feature grid.

“They’re not just making it up,” concurs Claudia Brumbaugh, an assistant professor of psychology at Queens College.

The app will then suggest people who match their preferences.

There probably isn’t a George Clooney in the mix, but maybe there’s someone with peppered hair or kind eyes. The app definitely sounds slightly off-putting, but I’ve thought about this idea before.

Blume, the dating app working to combat catfishing, has introduced Intelligent Face Detection.

The app was introduced in late 2015 as a way to make sure you knew exactly who you were starting to message, guaranteeing the user on the other end looked like the photos they were using.

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