Josh elliott and robin roberts dating

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According to a source of GLOBE Magazine, “.” Robach barely got a mention in the entire memoir, but pages were devoted to her time on GMA with Lara.

Now that Lara has been promoted and is an official co-host, it seems that it will only be a matter of time before she and her BFF Robin Roberts completely freeze out Amy Robach altogether.

Another source says Robin Roberts hasn't helped matters -- one person saying she acts like a "diva" on the set. our network sources say NBC did NOT promise Josh any role on "Today," but we're told there's no doubt he's got to the top of the heap as the likely successor to Matt Lauer. it's just like grade school, only all the students are really rich.

is saying goodbye to co-anchor Josh Elliot, who is joining NBC Sports, ABC announced in a Sunday, March 30 memo.

We're told Josh was at the point of no return when Robin Roberts signed a million a year contract to anchor GMA. VP of ABC News James Goldston confronted Amy Robach -- Josh's replacement on GMA -- and called her "toxic" because she created tension on the set.

He felt slighted by the ABC offer and just wanted out. As one source put it, "He's definitely an abrasive guy." Another source says, "People hated him. Indeed, we're told Amy and Lara Spencer "hate" each other and can't hide their contempt.

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Good Morning America seems like such an upbeat and refreshing talk show, if only America knew that behind the scenes the cast is just as catty and cold-hearted as any other television show.

multiple sources connected with both ABC and NBC tell TMZ.

Our sources say ABC offered Josh between and million to stay, but he chose NBC despite the fact that they offered him just over million.

Replacing Elliot, age, as co-anchor alongside Lara Spencer, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos, is Amy Robach.

PHOTOS: Best-dressed TV show hosts In an unusually frank memo, ABC News president Ben Sherwood revealed that negotiations with Elliot simply broke down.

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