Non sedating tricyclics

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I took lexapro for one day, it's nothing to reference anything valid concerning the benefits of how this drug would act or facilitate me in the long run, but I felt completely retarded and did not feel much like myself.I am not depressed , I am just looking for something to even out the kinks and give me a more smooth level of focus when my stims are in only effect would be a smoother more level realm of focus.the first was 'okay' but still sedating and making me tired, the SRI and tricyclics made me so tired, sedated and even ANGRY, it was, my answer is "not that i know of / from what i have tried". John's wort and 5-HTP, but that didnt really have much of any effect on me either...

New-generation antidepressants do not seem to interfere with performance, except when used at higher doses.Tricyclic antidepressants (often abbreviated to TCAs) are a class of drugs that are traditionally used to treat depression; however, they may also be used in the treatment of other mood disorders, to relieve chronic nerve-related pain, to reduce bed-wetting, to manage obsessive compulsive behaviors, and to prevent migraines.TCAs increase levels of norepinephrine and serotonin by inhibiting their reuptake, and also block the actions of another neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. Affinities for these neurotransmitters differ among various TCAs, which explains why some TCAs are more effective than others for certain conditions or are more likely than others to cause side effects such as constipation, dry mouth, and sedation.Back when TCAs were approved, they were considered a first-line treatment option for depression.These days they are still used for depression, but are considered a second-line treatment to newer drugs like SSRIs/SNRIs and atypical antidepressants.

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