The most intimidating football players ever W w w old web cam

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Every down these warriors have to either take on running backs in the hole, fight through blocks laid by much larger players, or have the finesse and vision to read the quarterback and eat his lunch when he tries to attack the middle of the field.

Which of these players should make the Colts all-time 53?

It's usually a coin toss for most, but when the stats and rings and honors and momentous moments are put on paper, Lambert ranks very high.

And that's the same reason Harrison must now be considered among the elite of the elite.

Let's give that a minute to marinate as I put to paper a Steelers Linebacking Top 10, but in reverse order so as to build the suspense.

Of course, parsing 10 from, oh, the 15 truly significant linebackers in team history isn't much easier. JASON GILDON I'll get this one out of the way just to ease my own conscience.

the most intimidating football players ever-48

Teams build their offense around the skills of their quarterback.Besides, the two linebackers have a strong bond these days.The topic only comes up due to the career circle being completed by the 38-year-old Harrison, who's been propelled into a historical argument here because of his recent rise to the throne as the Steelers' all-time leading sack man.The question becomes: Where does Harrison rank among the proud tradition of Steelers linebackers?For decades, Steelers fans have reflexively ranked Lambert and Jack Ham at the top.

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