Updating database using servlet

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Servlet Exception; import javax.servlet.annotation.

It is used when a user wants to edit or delete a particular employee record, and selects a link for that employee on the if a database access error occurs. The following line of code illustrates this: String sql = "INSERT INTO emp VALUES (? A second issue with transactions occurs when changes to the database become visible to the rest of the application system. For example, in a multi-user system, when do changes performed by one user become visible to the remaining users? Transaction services basically include beginning the transaction, executing the SQL statements that make up the transaction, and either perform a commit on overall success of each SQL statement or rollback the transaction as a whole if one of the SQL statements fails.The Servlet API takes care of converting this body into an Http Servlet Request object.Your servlet should have some code like this: I purposely left out the database credentials and information for this reason.

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