Updating prescott 80547 motherboard

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Members of the family: Intel discontinued the use of part numbers such as 80486 in the marketing of mainstream x86-architecture microprocessors with the introduction of the Pentium brand in 1993.However, numerical codes, in the 805xx range, continued to be assigned to these processors for internal and part numbering uses.

80547, Pentium 4 Prescott Dt, 660, SKT-T, P It's a Dell Optiplex GX620 and the P4 is 3.80 GHz HT, with 4 GB PC2-5300 RAM.Intel's existing low-end product, the Pentium MMX, was no longer performance competitive at 233 MHz.Although a faster Pentium MMX would have been a lower-risk strategy, the industry standard Socket 7 platform hosted a market of competitor CPUs which could be drop-in replacements for the Pentium MMX. Is your computer going slow doing anything specific? Making sure there aren't any unnecessary programs running in the background, deleting unused or old programs and files, and defragging your hard drive can help give your system a little extra oomph. If it ever gets slow, it is because I am doing too much on it at one time. Plus, you may not even notice the difference if you're just a web surfer type of user.

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