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' I really don't have the answer." But having said that, De Wulf then presented some fascinating and intelligent theories. Not having stability doesn't work for their mentality."Perhaps having someone with them when they're in and out of hotels, and after games, gives them a sense of comfort," De Wulf said. "Also, professional sports makes you feel like you're aging at a very rapid pace.

De Wulf began her acting career in the Academy Award-winning short film West Bank Story, where she played the lead role of Fatima, a singing and dancing Palestinian cashier who falls in love with an Israeli soldier.

"For me, having lived in Los Angeles, where everybody holds out as long as they can to do everything, I was shocked," De Wulf continued.

"I always asked Ryan, 'What compels these guys to get married so young?

TORONTO — Despite their busy travel schedules and tendency to be missing teeth, professional hockey players don’t seem to have any trouble scoring themselves famous girlfriends and wives.

Some of these off-ice relationships are enduring (See Wayne Gretzky and actress Janet Jones, who will celebrate their 25th anniversary this summer) and others are decidedly short-term (See Alanis Morissette and ex-Senators player Mike Peluso or tennis pro Anna Kournikova and both Pavel Bure and Sergei Fedorov).

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