Wow intimidating shout glyph

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After that, it relies only on spell names to determine if an aura should be displayed.

Since the rake stun and the bleed share the same name, this addon will show stun for feral druids is currently tracking the dot itself.

Welcome everybody to another of many exceptionally detailed pvp guides. It's very useful in situations where the enemy is team is stacked on top of each other, or is going to be using alot of CC on you. (World Pv P, BG's, RBG's, Arena.): You can play bloodbath against rogues in 2s, if they are sitting on your healer. : Anger management gives you stuns more often, your lvl 90 talent more often, reck more often, and die by the sword more often depending on your uptime. Glyphs are very important to maximising our characters potential.

This guide is brought to you by Smexxin, a Multi-R1 Warrior. :-Against some compositions, teams will try to kill you and CC your healer. You will find yourself needing to change your glyph setup based on the comps you play and face.

Old time players have a love/hate relationship with Intimidating Shout--it was great back in LBRS--because it could buy your party the time it needed to kill some nasty pull.stun spell id is 163505 Fade ID's currently in this addon track the "reduced threat level" buff that is active for 10 seconds.To simply track the aura mastery given by Glyph of Shadow Magic, we just need spell id 159630 to be tracked, not 159628 as it is currently.- Gives you the greatest DPS boost thanks to your 2-set pvp bonus. Gnome can be very useful as well, as it gives warriors a much needed root break.- You will generate the most rage possible as you can charge more often. Blood elf can be very useful as some comps, extending the CC chain on the healer with the silence.

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